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Cross-Command Collaboration Environment (3CE) Program Management

Trideum has provided extensive organizational and program management support to the Cross-Command Collaboration Environment (3CE) effort. In this capacity, we provided technical, administrative, graphical, editing, security, supply, and project management expertise and support, with specific organizational responsibilities as the Deputy to the Project Director, Resource Manager, Knowledge Manager and Information Assurance Representative, and Project Administrator.

Trideum personnel were the original developers and implementers of 3CE program management processes and documents, and the original visionaries, developers, and implementers of 3CE planning processes, tasks, and products. We developed or assisted in development of formal program management documentation in support of the 3CE PD, including the Concept of Operations, Program Management Plan, Systems Engineering Management Plan, and annual Program Execution Plan, and supporting Resource Plans.

Trideum personnel developed supporting program work statements for 15 execution sites, involving multiple government reimbursable task orders, and contract support using multiple task orders against multiple contractors. We also prepared full funding request packages for approval by the government leads and tracked progress through the funding process.

Trideum also developed and managed program metrics to evaluate the quality and timeliness of the execution of the efforts and the products delivered. Once funds were distributed to the execution sites, we monitored and reported the accountability and execution of the funding against planned tasks, scheduled deliverables, and metric assessments.

Trideum personnel supported all software engineering research phases resulting in the development of an Army Knowledge Management Award (AKMA) winning, web-enabled collaboration and information system, i.e., the 3CE Knowledge Repository (KR), built using the Army Knowledge Online (AKO) web portal.