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MSCO-sponsored LVC-Architectural Roadmap

Trideum Corporation was asked to support the MSCO-sponsored LVC-Architectural Roadmap based on their extensive success integrating large scale Joint events that bridge multiple architectures efficiently and reliably. This experience proved significant as Trideum worked within the LVC AR team to define the roadmap to develop a proposed multi-architectural interoperability plan for the US DoD.

Based on the successes of the LVC-AR, Trideum was again asked to provide significant support to help define the LVC Implementation plan regarding multi-architectural interoperability. Trideum was also asked to join a small team to develop the MSCO sponsored “Guide for Multi-Architecture Live-Virtual-Constructive Environment Engineering and Execution”. Trideum personnel were also instrumental in supporting the T&E PRP of the Simulation Interoperability and Standards Organization (SISO) Simulation Interoperability Workshop (SIW) and making sure the DIS Protocol Data Units (PDUs), HLA Federation Object Models (FOMs), and IEEE System Engineering processes met the requirements of the T&E community.  As such, Trideum has successfully employed the IEEE 1516.3-2003 Federation Development and Execution Process (FEDEP) in support of many Joint distributed events when HLA-based resources are required for interoperability.  Trideum capability extends to supporting the HLA 1.3, IEEE 1516 and MATREX specifications.

This above products and processes have been presented at several conferences and workshops including the SIW, TENA Architecture Management Team (AMT) meeting, Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC), and several others.