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Integration and Automation of Data Management

Trideum personnel introduced and supported an integrated approach to data management using the Army’s FCS Increment 1 Program and the six identified programs of record (PoR) as a test case. Initial research included using system architectures, system capabilities, and intra-/inter-system linkages. All research was conducted to enable the development of Operational, System and Evaluation architectural views for use in defining the requirements for data collection, and decomposing the requirements in accordance with credible operational employment considerations.  Additionally, our analysts conducted extensive research on network systems, instrumented data collection assets, and network architecture, to better understand data traceability within an Army and Joint communications environment.  Leveraging research findings, Trideum analysts successfully constructed and demonstrated data integration across organizations through a series of integrated systems and organizational data sources matrices (DSMs), to form an integrated DSM; or an IDSM for the overarching test event.  The IDSM demonstration instantiated the value of an integrated data management approach.  The IDSM was further enhanced by the implementation of the Integrated Data Analysis Requirements (IDAR) tool; an extension to the System of Systems Integration (SoSI) Directorate’s Hierarchical Online Repository Navigation Enterprise Tool (HORNET).  In this effort, Trideum analysts and software developers combined to design, develop, and execute a complex web-based relational database to automate the IDSM, while leveraging the relational database for further analysis functionality.  Using accepted system engineering practices, Trideum was able to automate DSM development, enable collaboration of the process across organizations, and provide queries and reporting functionality to inform Event analysts, evaluators, and leaders.  IDAR is currently being used by the Army’s TRIAD for Event data management traceability and a means to conduct a requirements driven approach to Event planning.