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U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC)

Trideum supported ATEC through its previous subordinate command, the Developmental Test Command, and through ATEC’s Test Technology Directorate (TTD) for many years.  Trideum provided implementation support for ATEC Regulations, and support for the acquisition and Management of Test Technology Assets related to the management of the ATEC test technology program.  Trideum provided strategic planning and programmatic support in the development and implementation of policy, associated pamphlets, and test technology guidance.    Trideum support included the analysis of gaps, needs and requirements in preparation for conferences and workshops; the establishment of IPTs through technology reviews and tracking of key technologies; and cross domain coordination to ensure interoperability.  Trideum reviewed, analyzed, and made recommendations from a command level perspective on ATEC investments based on the proposals submitted by subordinate commands through the Technology Development and Acquisition Program (TDAP).