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The Simulated Infrared Earth Environment Laboratory

Thermal sensors are highly prevalent on the modern battlefield and test & evaluation (T&E) of these sensors requires thermal infrared (IR) signature representations of threat systems. These signature requirements range from user training and model inputs for digital sensor simulations, to full-scale targets that are deployed to test ranges for destructive testing of weapon systems. IR signature data for threat systems is not something that is normally readily available to a tester or evaluator, but there are resources for this type data for the T&E community.

One such resource is the Simulated Infrared Earth Environment Laboratory (SIREEL) website. The SIREEL website was created for support of gunner training. The SIREEL web site contains extensive infrared signature data on numerous threat and friendly vehicles and the site is designed to provide country-specific vehicle identification training in support of US military deployments. However, the information on this website and the models used to generate content for the website can be utilized to support T&E of emerging sensor technologies. Figure 1 shows an example of the SIREEL website structure and sample content. It is important to note that SIREEL is not just a website, it is also an IR signature modeling program. The core component of the SIREEL website is its System Index which organizes IR signature data for over two hundred foreign systems.

This online encyclopedic IR signature reference system contains both measured and synthetically generated IR signature data. The synthetic data is generated with predictive, physics-based IR signature models that allow a user to generate a vehicle signature under any operational and environmental state.