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Recent Advances in Ground Vehicle Target Simulators and Surrogates

There have been recent advances in low-cost target surrogates for T&E that have been successfully validated and accredited for use by certain programs. These targets can bridge the gap between non-realistic, “whatever’s handy on the range” targets and actual threat vehicles by providing test-specific signature elements to meet validation and accreditation requirements and avoid the need to use real threat vehicles.

The US Army’s Targets Management Office (TMO) has successfully developed, validated, and deployed gunnery targets for T&E under the Threat Vehicle Surrogate Target (TVST) program. Current target development programs such as the Precision Target Signatures (PTS) program and the Realistic Low Cost Targets (RLCT) program are leveraging lessons learned on the TVST program to increase the fidelity, durability, and utility of validated targets for T&E while simultaneously lowering the cost. This paper will cover the recent development history of targets developed for T&E applications by TMO on these three programs.