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LVCAR Enhancements for Selecting Gateways

The Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) Architecture Roadmap (LVCAR) report, sponsored by the Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Steering Committee, recommended several actions to promote the reuse of common M&S capabilities and to foster common formats and policy goals to promote LVC interoperability. One of these recommended actions pertained to the development of common gateway capabilities. The first phase of this effort reviewed the gateway needs of users and developers to develop strategies to support more effective LVC integration using gateways. The current LVCAR phase is focused on the implementation of the selected "Enhance" strategy, which emphasizes improvements to the native methodologies and practices LVC engineers follow to select and configure gateways for their specific applications. Two of the products support the selection of a gateway and two of the products support the use of gateways.

The three products supporting gateway selection are the Gateway Capabilities List, the Gateway Performance Benchmarks (GPB) and the Gateway Description Language (GDL). The Gateway Capabilities List is the information that describes the required capabilities of a gateway from a user perspective, and documents the gateway capabilities from a gateway developer perspective. The GPB provides a structured approach to identify and collect gateway performance parameters. The GDL is intended to document gateway operational and functional capabilities as well as GPB-based performance metrics. The users may use the GDL to document their gateway needs for a particular multiarchitecture event. The gateway developers may use the GDL to document the capabilities and performance details of their gateway solution. Having the providers and users adopt GDL as common specification enables more efficient and quantifiable gateway selection.

This paper describes how the three products support the efficient selection of the most appropriate gateway, how those products address gateway selection issues, and how they will facilitate effective application of these products in future LVC environments.