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A Systems Engineering Perspective on the Development and Execution of Multi-Architecture LVC Environments

The Live Virtual Constructive Architecture Roadmap (LVCAR) defines a time-sequenced set of actions and activities which collectively improves LVC interoperability and lowers the technical and cost risks associated with the development of multi-architecture simulation environments. One of the key activities identified in the Roadmap is the establishment of a common systems engineering process for multi-architecture LVC applications. The stated goal of this process is to improve communication and collaboration among the disparate architecture communities that must interact and work together toward common goals during a multi-architecture development. During LVCAR Phase II (Roadmap Implementation), this product was developed as an overlay on top of the IEEE P1730 Distributed Simulation Engineering and Execution Process (DSEEP). This paper reports on the mapping of multi-architecture pertinent issues to the various activities defined in the DSEEP, and provides examples of the guidance that is provided for how users of this process may address the various issues. Finally, this paper discusses current plans for standardization of this product under SISO and the IEEE.