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Why Trideum

The smooth operation of your systems isn’t optional – human lives and taxpayer dollars depend on it.  That’s why you want someone on your team who specializes in system technology, understands your goals, and knows how to spot issues before they become problems.

Trideum’s personnel are rooted in “hands on” support and services for government customers and have extended this capability to supporting concept development, design, development, and integration. We provide this support over the total commodity life cycle, from concept exploration and initial design/development, through deployment and operation, and on to retirement.  We provide this total commodity lifecycle acquisition support at all levels (component, subsystem, system, and system of systems). 

Trideum has considerable experience managing programs for the DoD and the Department of the Army that developed, delivered, and operated models and simulations to meet requirements for force development, experimentation, analysis, testing, and training.  We have applied a systems engineering approach to develop and validate requirements, develop systems and technical architectures, and develop and integrate software and applications.