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Test and Training Enabling Architecture (TENA)

“Developed under a joint interoperability initiative within the Department of Defense, TENA is enabling interoperability among ranges, facilities, and simulations in a quick and cost-efficient manner, and fostering reuse of range resources and range system”

-       TENA SDA Website:


As members of the original three (3) member TENA architectural team, Trideum employees helped define the various aspects of T&E LVC system interoperability using TENA by defining the TENA Concept of Operations (TENA CONOPS).

The TENA CONOPS is a process that details the processes and procedures necessary to support detailed distributed event design. The TENA CONOPS include the detailed aspects necessary to support each of the five (5) phases of Distributed testing:

  • Requirements Definition – the purpose and objectives of the range event are defined
  • Event Planning – all of the planning is completed for the event including the definition of the scenario
  • Event Construction, Setup, and Rehearsal – all of the physical preparation for the event is done, including software development, LROM creation, hardware and communication system setup, and testing
  • Event Execution – the scenario is played out and data is collected
  • Analysis and Reporting – collected data is analyzed with respect to the event objectives and reports are generated.

TENA is managed by the TENA Software Development Activity (TENA-SDA).

Trideum supports the TENA-SDA and Joint Mission Environment Test Capability (JMETC) programs by providing software development, systems engineering, and event support. Trideum provides: requirements definition; software development; systems engineering; and integration support to service-specific, as well as, joint large scale distributed experimentation, test, and training events.

Trideum has taken the lead for events such as:

  • Joint Close Air Support (JCAS) Distributed Test for JFCOM
  • Joint Interoperability Test (JIT) for JITC
  • Correlation/De-correlation Integration Test (C/DIT) for JIAMDO
  • Live-Virtual Constructive Distributed Environment (LVC DE) for the US Navy’s Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS) program