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Test and Evaluation

Trideum, rooted in hands-on Test and Evaluation (T&E), is a recognized leader in test modernization and innovation. The Trideum Team is expert in all aspects of distributed test integration and evaluation execution.

  • Test Technology Development and Management
  • Distributed Test Integration and Execution
  • Test Planning, Execution, Analysis and Reporting
  • Evaluation Methodology Development
  • Threat Vehicle Surrogate Target Design and Manufacturing
  • Sensor Testing and Model Development

Example Project Highlights

U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC)

Trideum supported ATEC  for many years in areas such as policy development and implementation and technology intgration and coordination.


Precision Targets Signature Program

Trideum designs, prototypes, and delivers highly realistic, full-scale, three-dimensional targets (T-72, BMP-2, and BTR-70) for use by the US DoD in Test and Evaluation.  These targets have the fidelity for use in T&E but are low-cost enough to fit within training budgets and be destroyed during training exercises on a gunnery range. These targets are saving clients millions of dollars in relocation, maintenance, and corollary support.

Tri-Service Warfighter Performance Test Capability (TSWPTC)

Trideum personnel are leading the planning, execution, and reporting of Aberdeen Test Center’s Tri-Service Warfighter Performance Test Capability (TSWPTC) Requirements Study.



Aberdeen Test Center

Trideum has supported Aberdeen Test Center for the past seven years in the areas of test technology, human systems testing, robotics testing and automotive road shock and vibration testing. Support includes data acquisition, data analysis and report writing. Recent support also includes ammunition certification, rail impact and transit drop tests.

Redstone Test Center Advanced Technology Office

Trideum provides direct support to RTC in Test Technology Coordination for the test center. This includes multiple tasks involving the integration of advanced technology into RTC's Test and Evaluation.