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Our People

Trideum’s experienced staff brings thorough knowledge and a passion for innovation to every project.  We are experts in Modeling and Simulation, Operations Research, System Engineering, Software Engineering and Technical Integration.  We mitigate technological challenges so you can accomplish your objectives.

Management Team

Van Sullivan

Van Sullivan | President/CEO

Van has 30 years of experience in applying engineering methods to solve customer problems and improve process and system effectiveness and efficiency.  He holds a BS in Engineering Science (Biomedical) from the University of Tennessee, and an ABD in graduate Electrical Engineering from the University of Central Florida. 

Since 1993 he has focused on the development and implementation of Modeling and Simulation (M&S) technologies to improve the test and evaluation (T&E) of DOD material, specifically supporting the Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) and subordinate activities in strategy formulation and implementation of M&S capabilities. 

Van has published many papers, journal articles, and spoke at numerous M&S and T&E symposia. 

When not on the test range (or the conference room) Van spends his time on the soccer pitch coaching, and in the community assisting rebuild efforts from the April 2011 Alabama tornadoes and the lingering effects of Hurricane Katrina. Van also serves on several local non-profit boards, and is member of the Huntsville Committee of 100.


Kurt Lessmann |  Chief Technology Officer

Kurt has over 20 years supporting the Test and Evaluation (T&E) community specializing in applying Modeling and Simulation (M&S) tools and techniques to help customers with their problem solving needs. 

Kurt has an extensive background in the design, integration and execution of large-scale joint distributed test and training events.  These events integrate the distributed Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) range assets necessary to develop the virtual environment needed to support the customer's requirements.  Kurt is also active in the interoperability community by supporting various customers and organizations that are working towards standardization of common range systems and interfaces.  His primary customers include the Test and Training Enabling Architecture (TENA)  Software Development Activity (SDA) and the Joint Mission Environment Test Capability (JMETC).

Kurt has authored and co-authored many papers and presentations. Spoken at many conferences and technical workshops. He has also served as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for interoperability-based panels and committees.  Kurt has a Bachelors of Aerospace Engineering from Auburn University.  When out of the office, Kurt enjoys spending time with his family and friends in the home and in the great outdoors.  He especially enjoys watching his twin girls play soccer and helping coach his son in football, basketball and baseball.

Lewis Hundley

Lewis Hundley | Vice President

Lewis has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Auburn University and has 24 years of experience in engineering services within the defense industry. 

Over the years, Lewis has been a consistent advocate for innovations in the test and evaluation of defense systems and has worked to promote the integration of advanced technology within the Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) and ATEC’s subordinate commands. Success stories range from early support building various sensor related hardware in the loop laboratories at Redstone Test Center,  through ATEC command wide initiatives for common standards, tools and instrumentation, to the definition and buildup of Distributed Test Control Centers (DTCCs) across the ATEC command. 

Lewis has a breadth of technical experience dating from early in his career when he provided engineering and software development support to a wide range of missile defense programs from nuclear effects modeling and simulation, to system level simulations, to the  buildup of target missiles. Since 2006, Lewis helped create and now serves on the board of the Trideum Foundation (a 501c3 charitable organization).

Apart from work, Lewis is active in his church and enjoys spending his time with his wife and three daughters.


Favio Lopez

Favio Lopez | Chief Operations Officer

Favio retired from the United States Army in 2009, and has served in a variety of command and staff positions at all echelons of the Army.  He has over 23 years of experience in successfully leading complex, diverse organizations with programs and resources of increasing scope / responsibility. He holds a M.S. degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Central Florida and a B.A. in International Relations from Canisius College.

Favio has expert knowledge of Live, Virtual, and Constructive integration and employment, and the integration of C4ISR with Simulation/Instrumentation environments. He is currently responsible for the identification, capture, implementation, and execution of several markets supporting a variety of Defense of Department clients as well as leading efforts in modeling and simulation in support of testing, training, and experimentation.

Favio is well involved in his local community serving as Vice President of his Homeowners Association, and as a Scoutmaster. Apart from his work and volunteering, Favio enjoys spending time outdoors and vacationing with his wife and two children.


Joe Yearta

Joe Yearta | Chief Financial Officer

Joe is a senior executive experienced in the strategic planning, organizational development, and management of multi-million dollar government contracts. His specific expertise in Executive Leadership and Operations Management, includes over 30 years of operations, proposal development, negotiations, and contract administration experience with both the Government and Commercial organizations. He is consistently successful in analyzing market trends and capitalizing on opportunity pipeline. Joe is a nationally recognized speaker focusing on ways to grow business, add revenue, and increasing effective utilization of corporate resources.

He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, Certified by the Association of Proposal Management Professionals CF APMP, is an active member of HASBAT, NCMA, NDIA, AUSA, Rotary, and is a member of the Huntsville Committee of 100.  Married, with two sons, and a native Alabamian.

Serena Forbes

Serena Forbes | Director of Contracts & Administration

Since joining the company in 2005, Serena served her first two (2) years as the Office Manager and handled contract administration. She then transitioned to Contracts Manager in 2007 where she administers all aspects of customer contracts. 

Prior to Trideum Corporation, she has 17 years of experience working for the U.S. Army and various Defense Contractors in the Huntsville, Alabama area. 

She holds a B.B.A. degree in Management from Athens State University and is a member of the National Contract Management Association.

Brian Hobson

Brian Hobson | Director of Programs

Brian has more than 30 years of leadership and operations management experience and over 25 years of proven analysis experience.  He has extensive knowledge in all aspects of program management and operations research, including capabilities to identify the core requirements of complex projects and achieving results under pressure, on time, and within budget.  Brian has experience as an integral leader of multiple and simultaneous programs that have competing resources.  Brian is a strong team builder with excellent interpersonal and communications skills and who also likes to coach, train, and mentor fellow Program Managers.  Brian’s technical and management experience includes Program Management / Leadership, Command and Control / Mission Command System Analysis, Experimentation and Event Design, Program / Budget Analysis, Model Application / Integration, and Decision Analysis / Process Improvement.  Brian has authored and co-authored several papers and presentations over his career, and most recently has become a recognized expert in the identification, development, and application of metrics and metric frameworks/taxonomies.  Brian has successfully developed and published a framework to enable efficient reuse and consistent application of metrics across a variety of users and applications with a specific focus on Mission Command.  This “Measurement Framework” has been utilized in support of acquisition, training, and analysis events and has been published in ASA(ALT) and ITEA Journals.  This publication resulted in the award of the Publication of the Year which was presented at ITEA National in Oct 2014. 

Brian is a 1985 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point with a Bachelor of Science degree.  Brian also holds a Master of Science degree in Operations Research from the Air Force Institute of Technology and is All But Dissertation (ABD) Doctor of Philosophy from the School of Engineering for Operations Research at the Air Force Institute of Technology.

Apart from work, Brian is an avid bowler and enjoys spending his time with his wife, six children, and nine grandchildren.